Video Café

Crystallize your story in
creative animated videos
that immediately hooks your
audience attention, arouses their
interest and persuade them to take action


Totally awesome one-stop resource
for all your animated videos

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Smoother . Easier . Faster

Give us your Idea | Pick a budget | No biggie

Step 1.
Thoughtful questionnaire to direct your thoughts & helps us with all the raw ingredients.
Decide how much you want to invest. Put simply More For More
Step 2.
Step 3.
Paper Work. Let’s make everything transparent with zero surprises
We draw insights from questionnaire & craft a script collect your feedback & freeze it.
Step 4.
Step 5.
Select a Voice. We Have a huge collection of human voices, But we also master with speaking robots.
Our creative artists jumbles through multiple story boards before presenting you the one for review
Step 6.
Step 7.
Lets do some magic. Animation is not enough. We do Funimation

Your Awesome Video is ready!

Play it.  | Share it.   | Let the world know about it.

Our Works

We’re passionate about Videos at Video Café. We believe that every Video be it for a Greeting, Invitation or a Campaign, should be perfect regardless of how it was made. Our obsession with quality seems to be working, over thousand users now used our Videos to express, Invites and market. We’ve got a long way to go, watch this space…

We the Mango People

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Pune 31 | Maharashtra | India

+ 91 88228 88877

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